Jill and Kevin Entrance Wedding Dance rocks!

I stumbled over this video from youtube. LOVE IT!
Its super cute and a fun moment one could ever have on their wedding day. It is truly unforgettable! Especially when it involves your close friends and love ones.

Please, please do watch it! I actually teared a bit at the end of the video when the bride dance down the aisle (yes, im a cry baby. i have fountains of tears!). Not sure if that's an appropriate emotion. but i guess its because i felt like all that dancing troop friends of hers and her hubby just really backed her up, be there for her... like a victory moment for her. she must had felt really special. What a lucky bride!

Maybe in a Malay wedding this may not seem something suitable. However it may not be something new too for the Malays, as we already has the 'joget lambak' as our version of wedding dance. Betul tak?

I don't really had many experience attending a wedding that had joget lambak. Maybe just once. This couple's families performed 'poco-poco dance'. Was quite fun but i must admit i felt a bit uncomfortable watching senior citizen dancing enthusiasticly. kurang manis gitew...
oh well, that's just me. jangan ambil hati yer kalo ada aunty-aunty,uncle-uncle, nenek-nenek, dan atuk-atuk di luar sana yang terasa hati :)

hehe...did i told you guys besides being a cry baby i can also be quite conservative???

facts: did you know that this couple became famous because of their wedding dance video? the video has now been viewed by more than 12 milion times and its counting!

take care, Nani.

The frame on my bedside table says...

...then, i found this on the net

now, i think i need another frame for this!

take care and be good,

My Designing Life : Porsche Design 2nd Anniversary

i wish to share some of my memorable experience working with this German brand, but i guess some other days. I'm super-crazy busy right now!

So in the meantime, do enjoy the picas.

Exterior Entrance

Registration Entrance

Main Stage

Dining Setup

take care, Nani

i've told ya i have something blue swimming in my head

this is what i'm on to right now...
visit again soon yah!
take care, nani

Something Old, Something Blue

This is little Robin

...and this is Robin's little egg

...and i got somethings blue swimming in my head!

take care, Nani.

Bunga Telur Gantung Majlis Aqiqah

Here's a bunga telur i recently made for an aqiqah event.

I was a bit nervous when the client; Kak Aishah mentioned about wanting a batch of bunga telur in the colour of orange...agagagaga! i do love orange but never had i thought to produce a bunga telur in orange. in fact its quite rare to see much of orange selections in wedding things.

Once all confirmed i start off the task with my flower hunting to my regular shops and only to find that nice(and cheap) orange flowers can only be in two, too bright or too light that end up to be peach-y. But my key word was Sunkist Orange!

I found one that's closest to sunkist orange, however was at first quite reluctant to settle with it and want to hunt more. But i know that unless i buy the expensive ones, i may not be lucky to find anything nicer(and cheaper!). So, i purchase the flowers and was confident that i can work something out with getting the right ribbons.

On a different day, i went to another shop and spend almost 30 minutes in front of the ribbon rack and start doing what i looooveee most, picking and combining colours. Happiness!

Spent few nights kung-fu-ing my way to complete the whole batch within less than 10 days(pls be informed that i still have a day job!). In the end i was surprised by the possibility of making orange looking nice and sweet. I'm truly happy with the end product but what's matter most is when my client says,

"cantik...akak suka!"

Thanks kak aishah! Creating this particular bunga telur inspires me in many different ways. Creative juices spilling out of my head!

Take care, Nani.

More sunny entry

A simple wedding bouquet for Shida. All the way to Sepang with love...

Take care, Nani.

Orange, sweet and sunny...

i've been busy.
cutting ribbons and bowing things up!

come again soon for sunny updates!

Take care, Nani

My Designing Life: GLAM Charity Ball

This event was in 2007 and organized by GLAM magazine Malaysia for charity purpose (that was what they say lah!!).

There were few suppliers involved in this event. The event took place in Le Marquee at Palace of The Golden Horses. If you've been to this place u know its huge and high. So, for this event the space had to be separated to few sections; cocktail area, dining, stage,backstage. So my part was the cocktail area where i need to come out with something grand and ooh-la-la as the cocktail area is the entrance area. Everyone will hang out there before they proceed to the dining area.

Inside the Le Marquee. Like a warehouse right?

You might find me in this picture. Looking at the ceiling with a huge question mark!

At first, i was really nervous when we started planning the setup as the space was really like a warehouse! However with much thinking and imagination the whole thing seems easier and clearer. Lucky for me, i was able to work with the master mind in soft deco installation, Mr. Ang! With his expertise and my so-called floor plan design we manage to pull through such an ohh-la-la setup. Everyone was impressed and me and my team was all smilesss :))

However, the best reward was when recently i had a meeting with a client and the event executive of Palace of The Golden Horses. We were discussing about previous events that were held at the Le Marquee, about the deco,etc. Referring to some pictures, the event executive mentioned that the Glam Charity Ball was one of the best deco they had. So, i said to her ' i was part of it.. *big grin* '. After almost 2 years and this setup is still appreciated. I'm simply HAPPY.*did you know that Mawi had his wedding here?*

So here's the picas...

From gloomy to GLAM!

The overall look of the cocktail area

The dining area was decorated by Kem Salleh

Till next updates...
Take Care, Nani.

Rose Loves Sweet William

Did this for an engagement.
Its good to know that people loves having flowers for their celebrated day :)
Here's a combination of pink roses and sweet williams.

Take care, Nani.

My Designing Life : Another 'D' day

This other Dior event was held sometime last year. Judging by the tone you probably could guess it's a preview for the Fall Winter collection. My involvement in this event was to setup the drapings, some hard construction build up, and the soft deco. My favourite part of completing this task was of course the final touch, decorating the space with the white phalaenopsis. Simply,simply love the flower. To me it represents purity, high elegance yet full of humbleness. Almost like a fine lady...

Enjoy the picas!

The lounge area

The entrance area

Take Care,