Salam Aidilfitri!

Salam All,

Sorry for not posting any new post for the past 100 years! I have been busy with many,many things...Alhamdulillah, busy means i'm still breathing, alive and given the health to work! Couldn't complain more :)

So how has your Ramadhan and Syawal been? I hope all is well and happening. As for me, it has been sweet and full of love...Thank you God :)

I will leave this post with a picture from my latest hantaran decoration I did during first week of Syawal...will upload more soon, Insyaallah...

Lastly, I want to take the opportunity to wish all muslim that is reading my blog, my darling followers, and dearest clients...


yours truly, Nani

Lilac Love : Bunga telur and matching takeout box


How are you lovely people? it has been awhile ain't it? As always, many important matter have to be taken care off ...
so here something for your eyes.

Thank you for dropping by!

Take care, Nani

Takeout Box : New Loveliness Favor Box!

Hello all!
Checkout this new product we're offering.
It's the Chinese noodle takeout box converted to a loveliness favor box!

Will update with more pictures and lovely details soon!
Don't forget to visit us back!

Take Care, Nani

Pstt! My Bunga Telur is featured in Anne Hot FM blog.

Ok... to some, this may be nothing, but to me this is SOMETHING!
Click to the link, scroll down and you will spot a picture with my Pink Grey Anemone bunga telur.

Thank you Anne!

Take care, Nani

Hantaran Fresh Flowers : Sweet Pinks & White

Here is a hantaran done sometime ago. Using pink roses & carnations, mix colours of sweet williams and white chrysanthemum.

Interested? Email me!

Take Care,

I'm blessed with great and thoughtful clients...

....and one of them is Kak Jaja, who gave me this...

Kak Jaja dearest,

This is too sweet. What have i done to deserve it?!!?..
Anyhow, thank you so much. It is definitely my kind of taste. Love it!


Sneak Peek New Favor Box!

Customize Paper Bag : Pink Blossom & Tiffany

This customize paper bag ordered by Kak Ti, one of a family member from my previous client Kak Jaja. This paperbag goes all the way to Kelantan.
Thanks Kak Ti!

Oh, i can't resist to post this picture. My cute nephew, AJ.

Take Care, Nani.

Ohh so nice Pucci Dress!

Look at this dress JLo is wearing!!! I love the colours and just have to share it here...The dress she is wearing is a Pucci dress. The colour is oh so yummy but romantically suitable for a wedding.

Since pink is still the top colour choice for year 2010, i must suggest this combination to brides out there that are still searching for the right colour for their wedding... it is fresh, romantic and fun at the same time. Such a happy colour!

Take Care,

Between ribbons, flowers, weddings, and beaches.

It has been a while since i blog...All because June has become the wedding month. so i have been working hard for the couple of months for all my 'June Bride' clients. And one of them is this lucky bride...

Photo credit :taufiqshariff ( fabulous photogs!)

Thank you Anne Hot Fm for ordering my pink and grey anemone bunga telur gantung. I was thrilled to know the stranger behind all those emails and sms is you!

And to Emi, Fazlina, and Kak Yatie. Thank you for keeping me busy with all your orders.

All the hardwork, then comes holiday! Yabedabedooo!

Take Care, Nani

It was purple on Maya's Wedding


i'm grateful i was part of your wedding.
may you both stay in love forever!

Big Love, Net

Bunga Telur Gantung : Pink&Purple Anemone

Hi All,

Here is another colour combo using pink anemone. Pink & Purple.


Take care,

Bunga Telur Gantung : Rosy Scarlet

Hello dear readers!!!

Since ramai yg request for red/marron bunga telur, here's something for you poeple...

Deep red roses with mix cream and scarlet red ribbons

A version using ivory roses

A different choice of blooming rose in deep red with pink highlights

Take Care,

Bunga Telur Gantung : Golden Caramel

Here's something golden for your bunga telur. Not the typical shining gold like your wedding ring, but something caramel and rich!

Golden Caramel Bunga Telur is available in two version to choose and mix.

Take Care,

Bunga Telur Gantung : Coral Pink & Green Anemone

I suppose that pink is the champion colour for weddings in 2010! So far 80% of the orders that i received for this year are pink, pink & pink! I must say, pink are one of the most romantic colour of all time.

Here, yet another pink selection for bunga telur gantung. This time it's coral pink or peachy pink combined with some lime green using anemone flowers.

Take Care,

Personalize Favor Bag Anyone?

Would you people be interested in this type of favor bag???

I have these few ideas on favor bag designs in my head for quite sometime.
But as an introduction, i have this simple favor bag design to share with you guys.
It is made of artboard paper, not the typical paperbag material. So it is pretty sturdy.
This one that i'm showing is measured at 7in x 7in x 3in(depth). It is available in white and you may choose the colour of the handle and center lapel according to your preference. However the printed pattern are currently available in black only.

Tell me what you think of this. Would love to hear your feedbacks!

Thank you all!

Take care, Nani

Bunga Telur Gantung : French Vanilla Rose

This fairy looking bunga telur was done for Marissa's wedding. She specifically mention that she wanted something off white, green and pink but only the softest of tones. The pearls was add on upon her request.

Marissa is going to hang these bunga telur on a white tree of branches. Oh, i think it is going to look really fairy and romantic!

To Marissa,Thank you so much for your trust. Hope you and family love it as much as i enjoy doing it.

Bunga Telur Gantung : Pink & Grey Anemone

A new flower for my bunga telur gantung collection. It is call anemone. I like this flower for it's black bud. Almost like a spider on it. Anemones portray simplicity but dramatic and it is a perfect match for any modern theme weddings.

A modern white anemones hand bouquet. (pic source)

Here is my bunga telur anemone in combination of pink and grey.

These anemones flower are available in white, light pinkish peach, lollypop pink (as picture above), deep purple, and red.

Take care, Nani

Bunga Telur Gantung : Cloudy Pink

More pictures to come...

Take Care, Nani


ok, im feeling very edgy right now, because someone nice told me that someone bad is posting up my bunga telur in her website for sale WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! Im really pissed!

So people, please be sure not to purchase from this site, as the price is much higher than what i usually charge.

And to the web owner sally of

take care, nani

A Fullstop To My Longggg Hibernation

Dear All,

It may seems like i've left the blogging world...but im not!

I've haven't been posting any update here since November last year. The truth is everyday i think about my dear bloghome, imagining what i will be writing if i were to update it any soon. At some point, it felt like i've updated my blog but in an illusion way. I guess that's what making me OK with the fact that i don't actually write anymore here. Deep down, everyday i felt guilty, worried, sad and unhappy because i wasn't able to make time for my blog.

I've been busy. Both in personal life and my crafting life. I headed to some new path in life this year but was determine to still get my craft works done. A bit haywire in the beginning but everything looks good and fine now.

i have a bunch of things i've done in the past months that i've been meaning to share with all of you. some pinks, blue, lime green, silver, red and purple. very excited to share with all of you!!!
But for now, here's a peek to some red roses bouquet..

Till the next post...
Take care, Nani.