My Designing Life: D is for Dior

Here's an event setup done for my Dior client. It was back in 2007 and its one of my favourite setup...because its white! I love,love,love white! Actually i love ALL colours as long as its used in the right balance of form, texture, and volume (ini ayat kesian supaya warna-warna lain di dunia tidak berkecil hati dgn aku).

Before : Ugly duckling

After : White Swan

Venue: Hotel Maya

Event : Spring Summer 2007 Showroon Presentation

Flower Requirement : Strictly white roses only!

Table Setting : White, ivory,white!

Special Menu of The Day : Handbag, Shoes, Dress!

This was my first experince working for Dior and since then i've done a couple more setup for them( will share it soon). I have to say, i enjoy doing things for Dior. Their setup and display styles and standard requirements somehow fullfil my personal taste. Simple and clean. Love it!

Take care, Nani

Bunga Telur - Purple&Black

Bunga telur bertangkai available for orders. Made from artificial flowers with sturdy handle, and layers of ribbons. Colour can be customize accordingly. In fact its available in any possible colour you want!

I like to create it looking a bit English garden-y with a little twist of modern touch. But in the end choice and combination of colours can amazingly change the appearance and mood.( i take my bunga telur creation seriously. to me it even have mood!)

You can either choose to have it untuk diisi telur or opt for potpourri. price will differ accordingly. the potpourri will be a bit expensive. but if you're thinking of saving some money you can just buy your own potpourri and fill it it the net :)

The flower size is bloomingly big

Deep purple and black colour combination is really dramatic but lovely!

As usual if you like to have this for your wedding day, kindly contact me to get quotation and place your order.

Take Care, Nani.

My Designing Life : Shopping Over Tea Anyone?

For those who may not know, besides my passion for doing wedding crafts i actually have a daytime job as a designer. Basically I'm responsible for designing and planning the floor plan and setups for events.

Similar to interior design but in my case i work with certain space and it involves many guest. I had to do the site measuring, meeting contractors, designing setup furniture, pick colour, choose material, do illustrations and draw floor plans. Lucky me its not all the way technical because it somewhat given me the chance to work with nice things and flowers!

I've been in this field for about 5 years now and plan to share some of my previous work here (God knows i'm being very ambitious!!!). But for now, i would like to share my recent setup i did for a client in Kuala Lumpur.

This was a private event for very lucky ladies( i mean rich and socialite and Datins!) who get invited to shop and have tea. English round tables and chairs were set-up for them so that they could sit and have tea, enjoy tasty scone, chit chat with friends and shop!!! There were music, little fashion show and most importantly the privillage to shop privately. How nice!

If you wish to transform your space for your wedding or event, decorate it with gold Chivary chairs, tables, linens, drapery, carpet, flowers or anything, kindly contact me for further discussion. Let's plan it!

Take care, Nani.

Bunga Dulang Organza

Bunga dulang made of special multi-tone organza fabric come with little acrylic crystal filler flowers and pearl ornaments. Size of this bunga dulang is quite bloomingly large. Perfect for those who wants an outstanding and bright look for their hantarans.

Come in various colour and can be customize to suit for your wedding theme colour. You can either have it in a single colour for a modest look or mix two colour for an interesting effect. Available in 7 colours :
  • Off White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Maroon
  • Pink
  • Soft Blue
  • Lime Green
Bunga dulang organza shown above in combination of Pink + Orange.

Your orders are welcome both for bunga dulang only or complete with gubahan hantaran :)

Kindly contact me for price and enquiry at:

Take Care,Nani.

:: special thanks to Cheza for the pictures! ::