Bunga Telur Gantung : Pink Kekwa

let the picture speaks for itself...

also available in shocking pink, cream and deep purple.

*mode malas nak menaip*
Take care, Nani

Hantaran Pertunangan : Maya dan Slammer

These are hantaran tuning ( me and frens like to call tunang - tuning. it gives this fun, not too serious feelings. apakah???)

Both Maya dan Slemmer give their trust for me to work on their hantaran. Peach was a fix colour given by Maya. So i came up with the Deep Peach & Cinderella Pink overall look.

'Cinderella Pink'

'Deep Peach'

Buat Maya and Slemmer,
terima kasih banyak-banyak! Nampak gayanya korang terpaksa sign kontrak dengan aku untuk majlis nikah juga. Looking forward to it!

Tahniahlah kerana berjaya menambat hati maya dan parents nyer dan selepas ini ko tak leh run away dari mendengar nama aku dan za lagik dah!

Congrats babe! I'm truly happy for you. Kita harus menggunakan masa yg ada sebaik-baiknyer untuk...BERGOSSIP!!! Lepas ni dah tak leh dah nak gossip-gossip sehingga mengabaikan orang sekitar..hehe. Maaf abang slem!

Rakan Gossip Kesayangan!

Take care,

*Special thanks to Maya, Za and Ppin for the pictures!*

Candy Colours Roses Hand Bouquet

Did this for Maya - my rakan gossip, rakan skandal, rakan baik, rakan studio, rakan Bandung, rakan minum coffee di Ikea!

Initially, we agreed on red roses hand bouquet, but i was lucky that i saw this one bunch of mix candy coloured roses that i've been dreaming of. No second thoughts, i just grab it and pay for it!

I personally felt that this 'candy bouquet' is lovely for enggagements. fun, sweet and young. almost suitable to any colour of clothes that you're wearing. it's just so very enggagement mood!


Buat Maya, terima kasih ya! Despite the last minute arrangment and drama-drama kecil, ianya berjaya!

Take Care,

My Dearest Darling Readers


A real updates for those who waited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for those who was concerned about my situation, my health. Thank you for the sms, phone call, emails, etc!
I'm all OK! It's just that once i get my cough it will be so long that my boss even call it 'her 100 days cough'. Yes, its that looongggg!

At the same time, i was also going through some life-changing process, deciding on new career path, so on and so forth... so all that is settled and i'm up for new challenges soon!

Orders and all is as usual, i'm sorry to those who i had to turn down their request. My hands are full. Sangat-sangat bersyukur dgn rezeki-Nya. My signature 'Bunga Telur Gantung' sangat mendapat permintaan! Terima Kasih Banyak-Banyak! Will upload the pictures soon.

Besides that, walaupun agak slow meng-update lately ni, tapi diam tak diam my followers list is expending. Sangat-sangat terharu dan teruja. Terima Kasih Banyak-Banyak You Olllz!

Untill then, please enjoy the new entry that i will be posting in a while...

Once again, Thank YOU!!! I Lap u all lah!

Take care, Nani

Fever Time

Dear All,

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for new updates
from my previous entry.
I gotten really sick and was literally on bed rest for a couple of days.
I'm feeling better now and hope to get all things up and running here!

Take Care, Nani.

It's not too late, i suppose...

May your's fills with great love!
Take care,