Hello Yellow

I have been playing with this idea in my head about featuring some wedding ideas/deco proposal to all you brides2be (B2B) out there...not sure how strong this idea would be or how this would really capture your interest(or in other word, how i can really allocate time for it..hehe). but i love to suggest, give ideas, and share my opinion about what would be great to add on your big day. I would like to focus on D-I-Y and affordable choices. Nothing big and extravagant. Just some detailing touches to personalize your big day. Oh well, for the love of beautiful wedding!!!

I first popped by her blog during my blog hopping activity(as usual). I had to say i was both impressed and glad to see boldness in the choice of colour for her wedding day, Yellow & Black !
It's a rare colour combination for Malay wedding but i must say that its quite a big trend for western wedding to play with bright contrasting colours for their wedding. so Yeay for Nurul Farhana for the freshness she's bringing in her wedding!

So here's her colour/mood board for her wedding inspiration i got from her blog.

And here's my first idea - the yellow checkered box.

It's cute isn't it??? Its actually a cake box. I first found it about 4 years ago. The last i remembered it came in a semi-medium size; 4" x 8"x 4"(H). But currently they only have it in a semi large size; 8"x 8"x 4"(H). I wanted to suggest it as a favor box for her special guest or to her friends,etc, but the size is too big for it. Unless she wants to give a whole cake or a combination of few things that would bundle up and fill the box space...

So the next option is to flatten the box and use it as a patterned cardboard. she will get a good 24" x 8" cardboard piece after cutting away the edges. Then, she can make a smaller box or transform it into something else depending on her creativity.

One creative way it to use it to cover flower vases/container and dress it up with black ribbons. She can then create flower arrangements and have it as centerpieces on the guest dining table or main dining table. It would look really cute and sweet. Please excuse my sample above as that the only suitable artificial flower and slim black ribbon i have in stock. White blooming carnations and a wider black ribbon will look even crisp and chic!!!

My last idea is - Fragrant soap as gift favors.

This is just a normal soap. But i use this Parrot Botanicals brand soap since i was like 5 years old! I adores the soap wrap. It's so pretty! and it smells fresh too! You can easily find the original green ones in about any supermarket or kedai mamak, but i was shopping for my personal stuffs recently and saw this yellow version on the soap bar shelf.

And i tought for a second, this would be great for Nurul Farhana Yellow&Black wedding! All she have to do is to dress it up with a black ribbon and walla! Done!

To Nurul Farhana, I hope you like my ideas(sorry if you don't). I also hoped you gain something out of this. If you do need any further ideas and advice from me, please do not hesitate to contact me :)

That's all for now from 'My Wedding Ideas Proposal'. To all B2B out there, you are welcome to email me about your wedding preparation and insiparation board or even your wedding delimas and be the next lovely B2B to be featured in my upcoming 'My Wedding Ideas Proposal'.

Till next post...

Take care, Nani.

Its been a while since i post something beautiful...

How you sweets and fellas doing??? Hope all is well and beautiful as always...

Few weeks ago i was tight up with my daytime job as a designer. I had an event that involves some official thingy. some stuffs were new for me to learn while some were the usual. Floor plan, budgeting, midnight setup, press, guests, client, food, drinks, etc...

anyone in the event industry would know that one thing for sure about events is, no matter big or small it is always a battle during the preparation that most of the times can really challenge your patience and interest. However, after the event come to its end, you just feel settled. done. moving on...next!

here's a sneak peak of the event. Among all things, flowers are the best to complete it all :)

Will upload more when the time is right. Till then, u all take care!


China Blue and English Rose

When Sarah my dear friend mentioned that she needed a bunga telur in white and blue colour, the next thing that popped in my mind was China Blue! so i search for some reference and found this truly inspirational...

its one brilliant beautiful dress aint it? silly me, i didnt note down the designer's name. if any of you know the designer of this dress, pls let me know.

so this is my version of China Blue bunga telur. Specially hand made for Zidan Umar's aqiqah. To the mama, congratulations Sarah! Semoga Zidan manjadi anak yg soleh dan boleh bermain bola seperti Zinadine Zidan...ekekeke.

Dan sebagai memeriahkan lagi majlis Zidan Umar, i've sponsored an additional batch for the majlis aqiqah... Since Sarah don't really have any strict theme, so i blended in some rosy stuffs and came up with English Rose bunga telur.

As usual, i start my work with some reference picture. I search for the word rose garden and this picture caught my attention. Ironically there is no single rose in this picture, but i fall in love with the layers of fushia-pink tone in it that it almost smelt rose. and because it's Audrey Hepburn, with that little emotion of hers... make me feel like she is the shy english rose :)

Till next post.
Take care, Nani.