Bunga Telur Gantung Majlis Aqiqah

Here's a bunga telur i recently made for an aqiqah event.

I was a bit nervous when the client; Kak Aishah mentioned about wanting a batch of bunga telur in the colour of orange...agagagaga! i do love orange but never had i thought to produce a bunga telur in orange. in fact its quite rare to see much of orange selections in wedding things.

Once all confirmed i start off the task with my flower hunting to my regular shops and only to find that nice(and cheap) orange flowers can only be in two, too bright or too light that end up to be peach-y. But my key word was Sunkist Orange!

I found one that's closest to sunkist orange, however was at first quite reluctant to settle with it and want to hunt more. But i know that unless i buy the expensive ones, i may not be lucky to find anything nicer(and cheaper!). So, i purchase the flowers and was confident that i can work something out with getting the right ribbons.

On a different day, i went to another shop and spend almost 30 minutes in front of the ribbon rack and start doing what i looooveee most, picking and combining colours. Happiness!

Spent few nights kung-fu-ing my way to complete the whole batch within less than 10 days(pls be informed that i still have a day job!). In the end i was surprised by the possibility of making orange looking nice and sweet. I'm truly happy with the end product but what's matter most is when my client says,

"cantik...akak suka!"

Thanks kak aishah! Creating this particular bunga telur inspires me in many different ways. Creative juices spilling out of my head!

Take care, Nani.


  1. thanks ros..
    everybody luv it, cantik & kemas..

  2. How much?? MOQ? Still doing this???...confused