Bunga Telur Gantung on Pahar Gantung

Many client have asked on how my bunga telur gantung can be place at their pelamin. 
For those who may not know, there are 'pahar gantung' which are suitable 
for any bunga telur with handle. Here are some pictures of my bunga telur gantung 
that are arranged on the 'pahar gantung'.

 Bunga telur gantung on a pelamin nikah.

Neatly arranged.

Hooks to hang the bunga telur gantung.

Sweet & Pretty :)

Each pahar can nicely accomodate 50 pieces of my bunga telur gantung.
This pahar gantung is available for rental for those who are interested to have bunga telur gantung as their bunga pahar.
Kindly contact me for further inquiries and quotation.
012 . 265. 6594
Thank you,

Hantaran Artificial Flowers : Spring Summery Gold

Here is another hantaran decor by me using artificial flowers
 on square beige platforms with tassels.
Inspired by spring-summery tones..yellow, cream and pinks with a dash off faded gold 
ribbons and trims.

 A gift of silk fabric.

 A gift of silk fabric.

 Set of perfume.

 Ring and symbolization of the dowry.

 Sirih Junjung

A basket full of Patchi chocolates.

I welcome bookings for hantaran decor. 
Kindly contact me for further inquiries and quotation.
012 . 265. 6594

Thank you,

Tiffany Blue Hand Bouquet

Artificial cream roses, white hydrangea, Tiffany blue ribbon, and blue stone brooches are all the essentials in this wedding hand bouquet. 

To order, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Take Care, Nani

We're Open for Business Again!

A year has passed and many,many life mysteries & surprises happened...
One of it was my wedding :)

Almost everything was self made with help from caring family,love ones,
and kind hearted friends...
*oh i'm one lucky lady...Alhamdulillah! *

Here's some picture from my wedding that i will share more soon..

And with this, i'm glad to announce that WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN!
We are excited to recieve your requests now! now! now!

Take care,

Bye Bye for now...

Hi Peeps!

It has been too long that i leave this blog silent with no update. I'm sorry for those who waited and visited and hoping for fresh entry.

To be honest, this little wedding craft side business i developed since a couple of years ago had turn bigger than i expected, bigger than me! i just need to slow it down a little before it invade my life too much. One of the way is for me to stop updating my new crafts in this blog in hope that maybe i'll get less request. But turn out, requests keep coming in and at some point have gave some unwanted pressure to me.

I am truly grateful for this rezeki... it has open new opportunities beyond my expectation, Alhamdulillah! And being a crafter and designer at heart, aiming for big business is not my main goal. As much as i love money, i still think that i'm not too much of a business minded kind of person. What matter to me is to craft, design, and create to feed my starving passion to all things beautiful!

Therefore, i decided that i will take a long rest from doing anything wedding-y craft from now till about August 2011 (except for those who have engage me since 2010...). I want to chill a bit for this year..watch more tv and read more books, get new inspirations!

Basically i will be 'resting from 'wedding' to give room and time for me to explore more 'design'...eventually there will still be 'beautiful things' but no more bunga telur, hantaran, hand bouquet for the moment!

I will share with u my new exploration on 'design' when i'm truly ready...but for now, i rather keep it to a low key...

Lastly, thank you all dear clients, family and friends for the support that all of you have gave me.all your good words mean so much to me...and sorry for turning down new requests. i feel so bad, but i have to stick with my decision...

till next time, take care!

wedding . design . beautiful something

Salam Aidilfitri!

Salam All,

Sorry for not posting any new post for the past 100 years! I have been busy with many,many things...Alhamdulillah, busy means i'm still breathing, alive and given the health to work! Couldn't complain more :)

So how has your Ramadhan and Syawal been? I hope all is well and happening. As for me, it has been sweet and full of love...Thank you God :)

I will leave this post with a picture from my latest hantaran decoration I did during first week of Syawal...will upload more soon, Insyaallah...

Lastly, I want to take the opportunity to wish all muslim that is reading my blog, my darling followers, and dearest clients...


yours truly, Nani

Lilac Love : Bunga telur and matching takeout box


How are you lovely people? it has been awhile ain't it? As always, many important matter have to be taken care off ...
so here something for your eyes.

Thank you for dropping by!

Take care, Nani