A Fullstop To My Longggg Hibernation

Dear All,

It may seems like i've left the blogging world...but im not!

I've haven't been posting any update here since November last year. The truth is everyday i think about my dear bloghome, imagining what i will be writing if i were to update it any soon. At some point, it felt like i've updated my blog but in an illusion way. I guess that's what making me OK with the fact that i don't actually write anymore here. Deep down, everyday i felt guilty, worried, sad and unhappy because i wasn't able to make time for my blog.

I've been busy. Both in personal life and my crafting life. I headed to some new path in life this year but was determine to still get my craft works done. A bit haywire in the beginning but everything looks good and fine now.

i have a bunch of things i've done in the past months that i've been meaning to share with all of you. some pinks, blue, lime green, silver, red and purple. very excited to share with all of you!!!
But for now, here's a peek to some red roses bouquet..

Till the next post...
Take care, Nani.