My Designing Life : Another 'D' day

This other Dior event was held sometime last year. Judging by the tone you probably could guess it's a preview for the Fall Winter collection. My involvement in this event was to setup the drapings, some hard construction build up, and the soft deco. My favourite part of completing this task was of course the final touch, decorating the space with the white phalaenopsis. Simply,simply love the flower. To me it represents purity, high elegance yet full of humbleness. Almost like a fine lady...

Enjoy the picas!

The lounge area

The entrance area

Take Care,


  1. sure pure satisfaction kan tgk before & after hasil tangan sendri.

    amazing job :) tahniah

  2. dearest lorongsetia8, thank you!

    my work as a designer; hasil tangan sendiri adalah lebih kepada visuals on paper dan perancangan deco. Kemudian hasil mulut berlaku untuk mengarahkan supaya 'mangsa-mangsa' menuruti hasil tangan. Its basically teamwotk!

    but my work as a crafter yang purely menggunakan hasil minda dan hasil tangan sendiri, adalah one pure satisfaction :)