Jill and Kevin Entrance Wedding Dance rocks!

I stumbled over this video from youtube. LOVE IT!
Its super cute and a fun moment one could ever have on their wedding day. It is truly unforgettable! Especially when it involves your close friends and love ones.

Please, please do watch it! I actually teared a bit at the end of the video when the bride dance down the aisle (yes, im a cry baby. i have fountains of tears!). Not sure if that's an appropriate emotion. but i guess its because i felt like all that dancing troop friends of hers and her hubby just really backed her up, be there for her... like a victory moment for her. she must had felt really special. What a lucky bride!

Maybe in a Malay wedding this may not seem something suitable. However it may not be something new too for the Malays, as we already has the 'joget lambak' as our version of wedding dance. Betul tak?

I don't really had many experience attending a wedding that had joget lambak. Maybe just once. This couple's families performed 'poco-poco dance'. Was quite fun but i must admit i felt a bit uncomfortable watching senior citizen dancing enthusiasticly. kurang manis gitew...
oh well, that's just me. jangan ambil hati yer kalo ada aunty-aunty,uncle-uncle, nenek-nenek, dan atuk-atuk di luar sana yang terasa hati :)

hehe...did i told you guys besides being a cry baby i can also be quite conservative???

facts: did you know that this couple became famous because of their wedding dance video? the video has now been viewed by more than 12 milion times and its counting!

take care, Nani.

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