It was purple on Maya's Wedding


i'm grateful i was part of your wedding.
may you both stay in love forever!

Big Love, Net

Bunga Telur Gantung : Pink&Purple Anemone

Hi All,

Here is another colour combo using pink anemone. Pink & Purple.


Take care,

Bunga Telur Gantung : Rosy Scarlet

Hello dear readers!!!

Since ramai yg request for red/marron bunga telur, here's something for you poeple...

Deep red roses with mix cream and scarlet red ribbons

A version using ivory roses

A different choice of blooming rose in deep red with pink highlights

Take Care,

Bunga Telur Gantung : Golden Caramel

Here's something golden for your bunga telur. Not the typical shining gold like your wedding ring, but something caramel and rich!

Golden Caramel Bunga Telur is available in two version to choose and mix.

Take Care,