Takeout Box : New Loveliness Favor Box!

Hello all!
Checkout this new product we're offering.
It's the Chinese noodle takeout box converted to a loveliness favor box!

Will update with more pictures and lovely details soon!
Don't forget to visit us back!

Take Care, Nani

Pstt! My Bunga Telur is featured in Anne Hot FM blog.

Ok... to some, this may be nothing, but to me this is SOMETHING!
Click to the link, scroll down and you will spot a picture with my Pink Grey Anemone bunga telur.


Thank you Anne!

Take care, Nani

Hantaran Fresh Flowers : Sweet Pinks & White

Here is a hantaran done sometime ago. Using pink roses & carnations, mix colours of sweet williams and white chrysanthemum.

Interested? Email me!

Take Care,

I'm blessed with great and thoughtful clients...

....and one of them is Kak Jaja, who gave me this...

Kak Jaja dearest,

This is too sweet. What have i done to deserve it?!!?..
Anyhow, thank you so much. It is definitely my kind of taste. Love it!


Sneak Peek New Favor Box!

Customize Paper Bag : Pink Blossom & Tiffany

This customize paper bag ordered by Kak Ti, one of a family member from my previous client Kak Jaja. This paperbag goes all the way to Kelantan.
Thanks Kak Ti!

Oh, i can't resist to post this picture. My cute nephew, AJ.

Take Care, Nani.

Ohh so nice Pucci Dress!

Look at this dress JLo is wearing!!! I love the colours and just have to share it here...The dress she is wearing is a Pucci dress. The colour is oh so yummy but romantically suitable for a wedding.

Since pink is still the top colour choice for year 2010, i must suggest this combination to brides out there that are still searching for the right colour for their wedding... it is fresh, romantic and fun at the same time. Such a happy colour!

Take Care,