Bunga Telur - Purple&Black

Bunga telur bertangkai available for orders. Made from artificial flowers with sturdy handle, and layers of ribbons. Colour can be customize accordingly. In fact its available in any possible colour you want!

I like to create it looking a bit English garden-y with a little twist of modern touch. But in the end choice and combination of colours can amazingly change the appearance and mood.( i take my bunga telur creation seriously. to me it even have mood!)

You can either choose to have it untuk diisi telur or opt for potpourri. price will differ accordingly. the potpourri will be a bit expensive. but if you're thinking of saving some money you can just buy your own potpourri and fill it it the net :)

The flower size is bloomingly big

Deep purple and black colour combination is really dramatic but lovely!

As usual if you like to have this for your wedding day, kindly contact me to get quotation and place your order.

Take Care, Nani.


  1. hi~
    can i get the quotation for this one? lawa sgt. my email, nfariza@gmail.com.

    thank u!

  2. Salam,
    Do u still make this for weddings? Please send me quotations for quantity of 50. I opt for this type of potpouri instead of bunga pahar. azurin.sani@gmail.com .Thanks

  3. hi, please email me at karynlzy@hotmail.com

    would like to get a quotation from you for 150 pax, thanks