My Designing Life: D is for Dior

Here's an event setup done for my Dior client. It was back in 2007 and its one of my favourite setup...because its white! I love,love,love white! Actually i love ALL colours as long as its used in the right balance of form, texture, and volume (ini ayat kesian supaya warna-warna lain di dunia tidak berkecil hati dgn aku).

Before : Ugly duckling

After : White Swan

Venue: Hotel Maya

Event : Spring Summer 2007 Showroon Presentation

Flower Requirement : Strictly white roses only!

Table Setting : White, ivory,white!

Special Menu of The Day : Handbag, Shoes, Dress!

This was my first experince working for Dior and since then i've done a couple more setup for them( will share it soon). I have to say, i enjoy doing things for Dior. Their setup and display styles and standard requirements somehow fullfil my personal taste. Simple and clean. Love it!

Take care, Nani


  1. taste n design kau mmg kelasss.
    rase nk tempah kau utk perkahwinan aku yg masih di tahap imaginasi konsepsual

  2. fuhh zati...rumit jugak tu sebab perkahwinan ko masih di tahap imiginasi.tetapi dalam pada tu dah ada pulak konsepnye.jadiknya kiranya ko ni dah selangkah dr imiginasi(angan-angan)..kehkeh!

    Anyway, working with internatioanal brand ni, selalunya dia dah ada guide dan standard tertentu. Jadi hanya perlu ikut dan sesuaikan dgn keadaan. its alot about quality control with some easy designing process.