My Designing Life : Shopping Over Tea Anyone?

For those who may not know, besides my passion for doing wedding crafts i actually have a daytime job as a designer. Basically I'm responsible for designing and planning the floor plan and setups for events.

Similar to interior design but in my case i work with certain space and it involves many guest. I had to do the site measuring, meeting contractors, designing setup furniture, pick colour, choose material, do illustrations and draw floor plans. Lucky me its not all the way technical because it somewhat given me the chance to work with nice things and flowers!

I've been in this field for about 5 years now and plan to share some of my previous work here (God knows i'm being very ambitious!!!). But for now, i would like to share my recent setup i did for a client in Kuala Lumpur.

This was a private event for very lucky ladies( i mean rich and socialite and Datins!) who get invited to shop and have tea. English round tables and chairs were set-up for them so that they could sit and have tea, enjoy tasty scone, chit chat with friends and shop!!! There were music, little fashion show and most importantly the privillage to shop privately. How nice!

If you wish to transform your space for your wedding or event, decorate it with gold Chivary chairs, tables, linens, drapery, carpet, flowers or anything, kindly contact me for further discussion. Let's plan it!

Take care, Nani.

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  1. really adore..hope 1 day i can be like that..
    long journey to go