The Pink Flamingo

Someone wanted a pink bunga telur for a non-wedding event. So in my mind was to create something pink,less romantic but elegant.

I have always, always, wanted to do my version of bunga telur using orchids, specifically phalaenopsis because besides roses, phalaenopsis is another flower that i really love and can make me feel happy for no reason!

So i search for my pink inspiration and goes with the keyword 'flamingo'.

So i found this beauty from here and thought for a second... 'ohh dear, u look so feminine and shy. But that neck of yours is verreh sexyeh!'

My translation of 'pink flamingo-orchid' in a form of bunga telur.

Close up shot. I hope u pink lovers and orchid lovers fancy this design.

It measures approximately 15 cm x 13 cm

so take care & hope u all is in the pink of health!


  1. sweet..nani bg la idea 4 orange color plak.. huhuhuhuuh

  2. nani, tangkai tu pakai dawai pe?mmg bulat cmtu ke?teringin nak DIY.. :)
    cantek sgt sume hasil kerje nani!

  3. Farhana : Insyaallah bole bagi idea nanti.Do you mind sharing me the color combination of your wedding besides orange? Thanks!

    Aliez : Itu floral wire biasa aje. so kena bentuk sendiri. Good luck in your DIY. Thanks dear :)