My Designing Life: Swarovski First Boutique in Malaysia

Ok, here's the entry updates from my Swarovski event. I'm gonna make a brieft run through of what i actually do in my-whole-event-thingy-dayjob. So, here goes...

The location is in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. This is how the store looks like and its surrounding. As usual, i go the the venue, snap the area, and get the area measurements. If you ever cross by a woman measuring the floor with an industrial tape while toting her handbag, bending and squatting, walking up and down, completely all by herself like a mad woman, that will most probably be me!

Then, i rush back to my office, load the venue picture to my computer, open the necessary softwares and start drawing the floor plan. After a few hours (this will only happen if I'm pressured by the dateline) or most of the time after a day or two (which is the usual case), i would be able to produce a perspective view visualizations. Its basically to show the client how the whole setup of their event would be in order to help them to further decide and confirm the size, shape, colours, furniture arrangements, walk flow and the whole event flow.

These visualizations which some people called rendering, artist impression, 3D layout, bla, bla, is actually a computer generated visualization that will help all involved parties to understand and also use it as a medium of communication. It can help the contractor, security, artist, event coordinator, basically everybody involved, to determine their area of responsibility, the location, etc.

This is the perspective view visualization that i did.

And this is how the actual transformation looks like!

Besides planning the layout arrangement, producing visualizations, i also need to look into styling detailings like deciding on the flowers. Client choose to have purple flower arrangement, so i did some proposal of few different flower types in purple and client decides to focus on orchids. So this is what i carefully pick - bright intense purple flower combinations of phalaenopsis, Hawaiian orchids and eustoma. Picking and deciding on flower arrangement is definitely my favourite part!

The flowers for the cocktail tables

The cocktail table flower again. I have to post two picture of it because i simply love it!

This is how the registration desk flowers looks like. Love!

Purple eustoma

Purple-Magentaish phalaenopsis

Purple Hawaiian orchids sometimes known as blue orchids.

In some cases of my event-job, i also do need to handle the guest & media invitation. Sometimes i also have to look into the Guest of Honor invitation. Previously i once had to invite the Italian Ambassador for an Italian brand. It was a breeze process. But this time around i was challenged to invite a Minister. Wow, it was one meticulous process.

Maybe because it's my first time, so that's why i felt all giddy about it. But let me just tell you I have to go to the extend of making sure the menu and getting the favourite drink right. I must admit that i don't fancy doing all that (i mean it is definitely not my thing. I'm completely fine being a designer and designer alone, fullstop.). However, when the driver to the minister himself called me(i was really shocked!) to make sure of the drop off point, the feeling of 'hey, i did something right' struck me! And i instantly felt like I've upgraded myself with a new knowledge and experience. It made me wiser :)

So the honorable minister was.... YB Dato Sri Dr Ng. Yen Yen. Despite the hassle i have to go through in making sure she accepted the invitation, came, arrive safely, officiate the event, and get to her dinner spot as planned, I LIKE HER... I think she has good taste in fashion, friendly, and a deliver speeches well.

And according to her special officer, Dato Sri and her husband are a big fan of Swarovski. Her big happy grin explains it all! last paragraph is solely dedicated to all of you government servants. I salute all of you especially those working as secretary, private secretary, private PA, special officer to all ministers. Hands down, i can never replace you people! You have made me think twice, triple, multiple times, about working in the government especially those PTD thingy.

Oppsss, this brief run through turns out to be very lengthy! OK, back to work!

Yours Sincerely,
Crafter/Designer/Forever Designer!

you can read more article on the event here.


  1. kau pakai illustrator utk 3d tu ke kaknet? cantik la design kau!aku tk pandai design halus2 gini. *terus jdkan kaknet senior idola*

  2. Zati,

    Aku guna lakar atas (sketchup).
    Kalo mahu tutor-tutor sila calling-calling.

  3. designer?sukanya dlu pn student product designer..

  4. Hi D'lla,

    yes, im a designer. i studied my degree in Industrial Design...
    Kira adik beradik product design juge...

  5. a a la..sama..
    dlu blajo product n furniture..fuhh very tough..nk kn expert semua..
    nanti2..boleh la jumpa..kongsi D'lla duk Kedah..