China Blue and English Rose

When Sarah my dear friend mentioned that she needed a bunga telur in white and blue colour, the next thing that popped in my mind was China Blue! so i search for some reference and found this truly inspirational...

its one brilliant beautiful dress aint it? silly me, i didnt note down the designer's name. if any of you know the designer of this dress, pls let me know.

so this is my version of China Blue bunga telur. Specially hand made for Zidan Umar's aqiqah. To the mama, congratulations Sarah! Semoga Zidan manjadi anak yg soleh dan boleh bermain bola seperti Zinadine Zidan...ekekeke.

Dan sebagai memeriahkan lagi majlis Zidan Umar, i've sponsored an additional batch for the majlis aqiqah... Since Sarah don't really have any strict theme, so i blended in some rosy stuffs and came up with English Rose bunga telur.

As usual, i start my work with some reference picture. I search for the word rose garden and this picture caught my attention. Ironically there is no single rose in this picture, but i fall in love with the layers of fushia-pink tone in it that it almost smelt rose. and because it's Audrey Hepburn, with that little emotion of hers... make me feel like she is the shy english rose :)

Till next post.
Take care, Nani.


  1. i like how u work la kak net. keep it up. designers choose evry elements for a reasons!


  2. for reasons...gahh. grammar aku cm haram,

  3. Terima Kasih la Yong dan Zati...

    Ni komen-komen positif ni dgn harapan nak aku sponsor bunga telur ke untuk majlis perkahwinan korang?
    Teruskan berkhayal!

  4. kak net sangat kagum..
    best ahhhh
    yang paling penting TERSERLAH KEIKHLASAN..
    God Job

  5. Thanks Shida!
    Wah... ko ada blog skang nmpknyer...
    Apapepon ko tetap pelanggan tegarku!!!