Botox and Implants for Chairs

I'm feeling a little bit unsteady and restless because i have a floor plan to prepare but i'm just ignoring the task eventhough the dateline is sooo soon (hope my boss is not reading this!). I just don't know why but i just can't make myself draw it. Bad! Bad! Bad!

So in order not to make me feel soooo BAD now, i'm composing this post in hope that it make me feel better of myself...ngehngehngeh..

Okey, this is a mini project done sometime in October last year. This humble chair is part of my parent's bedroom set since the day they wed. Now after 35 years it is still standing strong but looked so old and really, no one cares about her. She was abandoned and just hidden under the dressing table and were not use for a long,long time. Clearly she lost her fluffiness and look so unattractive.

And because i'm a 3R person; REDUCE+REUSE+RECYCLE, so i really wanted to rescue her!!!
So one day i wake up with a makeover wisdom and start sanding her in my own way. Kiri,kanan, kiri,kanan, main hentam je. So when my father saw me, he just have to get into the picture and do the sanding for me. I must say that my father is a DIY fan because he collects number of books on DIY thingy. FYI, he is just a fan. He collects the book but doesn't really have a collection of completed DIY projects(haha) !

Long story cut short, i let him deal with the sanding work and spraying it with a new white coat while i deal with the dressing up. I used velvet turqoise fabric for the cushion cover and use old pillow insert to replace the flatten cushion sponge. More recycling effort!

I'm very pleased with the completed look. Not just because there are few recyling elements there, but most importantly it is a project i did with my dearest father :) . Now the chair belongs in my room and i hope after another 35years i can makeover it again with my childrens.

And because i love flower, i have to give this chair some flowery boost. Even if it's just hidden beneath the chair! Cute isn't it?

Till next post guys...

Take care, Nani.


  1. cantiknya! i'm a big fan of DIY also, but sama macam ur father, takde lagi project yg i boleh proud of~~ haha. but i have full of ideas how to repaint/reuse/makeover antiques in my parents house.

    totaly admire ur work~~ :)


  2. hai Naf,

    Terima kasih!
    Yer, silalah ke rumah parents, rumah makcik,rumah nenek, rumah nenek saudara anda yg byk perabot lama tu...dan 'rompak' lah pape yang patut...haha.

    Do share your successful D-I-Y project nanti yer:)