Nadie's Wedding Hantaran

The wedding was in 2007 and Nadie requested fresh flowers for the wedding hantaran. When we first saw the wooden containers, we instantly like it and Nadie decides to have it for her hantaran. Later on i decide to use yellow+purple flower combination because i felt it boosted the colour of the wood and also looks contrasting against the cream colour base.

This time around i suggested to her not to use alas dulang because the decoration on the base was all nice and putting it over another decoration(the alas) will only hide the dangling details on the decorated base. And also, it was more economical...of course.

Hantaran - Wedding band for the husband

Hantaran - Toilette Set

Hantaran - Shoe

Hantaran - Basket of fruits

Hantaran - can never have enough!

Hantaran - Candles to replace bunga rampai.
i decorated the candle block, add ribbons, flowers, handles..done!
mind you, its tricky to stick things on candles. if you use hot glue you end up melting the candle!
i seriously can't recall what adhesive i use in the end. it must be double tape and pins.

Hantaran - Belt and wallet

Hantaran - Shirt and a pair of pants

This was the first time i work with fresh flowers for hantaran arrangement. i did it with the help of my mum. i have to say its was actually an easy process, it just that working with fresh flowers you're actually fighting with time. you may not want the flower to wilted so soon. so you have to do it as late as possible but in time for delivery. like for this particular project, i start at midnight, finish it by 4am. deliver it at 10am. but the event was 24 hours after that!

But fresh flowers are just nice to look at. like a fresh air...absolutely fresh!
So if you fancy a fresh flower hantaran and would like to help you with it, kindly email me at .
Fresh flower hantaran price is a little bit high and also depending on current price (fresh flowers are like gold. their price can go up and down too). however i can confidently tell you that it starts from rm55 and can go up base on flower type and quantity.As always, prices are open for negotiation :) .
all pretty pictures above are courtesy of the the bride and groom. taken by none other than prettypeektures! .
take care, nani.


  1. Lovely arrangements. You got talent girl!

  2. Thank you En Halim!
    Creating beautiful things to me are like escapism from the 'ugly world'. It's one of my biggest joy provider :)