hand bouquet for nadie's wedding

Two different flower bouquet for her wedding. red roses hand bouquet for the solemnization. and flower ball for her reception.

You can never go wrong with red roses bouquet. especially when you wears white.

The flower ball of pink roses+white daisies.

i'm happy to suggest to all the lovely bride-to-be to use flower ball for your reception. Simply because you can hang it to your arms like handbag and have your two hands free to shake hands with guests and hug friends. lovely!

I'm happy to receive your order and specially create a bouquet suitable to your colour theme, height and body weight! no kidding, but a client specifically state the bride's weight so that i won't do something to heavy for her to handle. fyi, the bride was 35kg...absolutely jealous!

fresh flower hand bouquet starts from RM 50.

email me for further enquiries at rosenani.email@yahoo.com

take care, nani

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