Personalize Favor Bag Anyone?

Would you people be interested in this type of favor bag???

I have these few ideas on favor bag designs in my head for quite sometime.
But as an introduction, i have this simple favor bag design to share with you guys.
It is made of artboard paper, not the typical paperbag material. So it is pretty sturdy.
This one that i'm showing is measured at 7in x 7in x 3in(depth). It is available in white and you may choose the colour of the handle and center lapel according to your preference. However the printed pattern are currently available in black only.

Tell me what you think of this. Would love to hear your feedbacks!

Thank you all!

Take care, Nani


  1. so swiiitt!! this one how much?? reply to tq

  2. Ros,

    lamanye tunggu new updates...:)
    email kak aishah price tuk bag & new price utk bunga gantung.....tqvm..

  3. Kak Aishah...

    Lama ker??? Lama tak lama jugak la...
    ok email on the way!

  4. hi interested jugak nak tahu to Thanks

  5. nk tau price leh?kalu dalam 300-400pcs bape rm?

  6. hi can you please email me the price for these paper bags-


  7. email me the price?hehe.

  8. hi..saya nk tahu harga jugak..for 500pcs leh..

    em, u still jual lgi x yer..

  9. salam..nak tau harga utk 600 pcs

    email to :

    Thank you :)