Hand Bouquet : The Sweetest Pink

This artificial pink-cream mix roses is specially done for Sheilah who is getting married today.
Soft, sweet, and dreamy...

I added the brooch for the photography session and i must say i fancy it so much!
I think it's a great way to accessorize your hand bouquet. It added personal touch and the best thing is you can go a long way with the brooch. The brooch could be something from your mom's collection or grandma collection. And to make it an even sweeter memory , you can make it a tradition and have your daughter, grand daughter(the list go on..) to use the same brooch on their wedding bouquet. The idea is heritability!

So to all you bride to be, go get your special brooch for your hand bouquet now!

Take care, Nani


  1. cantiknye Naniii.... suke nye tgk..mcm real je bunga tu...

  2. net,
    santek sumenye! go net go! ai loike

    love love love,
    sol chomei ;p

  3. sol chomei,

    domo arigato!

    net yg lebih comei..eieiei!

  4. Salam.
    cantiknye bunge itu. boleh sy tahu mane nk beli bunga itu selain di SSF?

  5. santixnye..boleh tau berapa RM upah?