Cakes and Cupcakes Anyone?

Recently, i designed a banner for a blogger friend. Kak Aishah, the owner of Cakes & Cupcakes is a nice lady i met in the world wide web-land. It started with a small chat to discuss about her mini pies which was ordered by my hantaran client for her hantaran..and like they always says, the rest is history.

Before : Her previous banner

After : Yeay for her new banner!

We never really met face to face but Kak Aishah was too kind to feature one of my hantaran work in her blog way before i even had my own blog. That somehow effected me and initiate me to have my own blog after seeing my own work in her blog!

So Kak Aishah, thank you for the motivation. I trully appriciate it. Hope you like the banner that i designed for you. Keep on baking Kak Aishah!

Take Care, Nani


  1. kau ni pintar.
    kau mcm kemal versi english style.

    btw, sri kembangan. dkt tuh dgn umah aku.
    kak aishah mcm bakap dpt lg satu pelanggan jek.

  2. domo arigato zati.
    tolonglah order dr akak ni!
    sbb aku slalu je terliur tgk brownies dgn topping strawberi tu...sgt yummy!
    jadik kalo ko dapat makan umpama ko makankan utk aku skali.relevan dia sbb aku kenal ko...???