about 3 years ago, the first project

i suppose if you people read the 'about me' section, u will get the idea that this blog will mainly feature wedding things. well it all started with my sister's wedding, leading to cousins wedding, friends wedding, friends to friends wedding and some strangers i never thought i knew. i guest that's what it means of rezeki or shall i say the circle of contacts.

either way i'm starting to enjoy this little journey that has lead me to create this blog. with lotsa comments and all that courage words from the people close to me, i finally get to this point.
well, maybe to some of you buying your new home or being the head department of something, somewhere is huge, well this is a HUGE thing for me. it took me literally 3 years to build this inner confidence that i am who i am, with this little talent in me i believe i can do alot with it.

rite, enough with the story telling! i'm going to share with you lovelies my first ever hantaran done by me and my sister #1(hantaran are a custom in a malay wedding where bride and groom exchange gifts. these gifts are presented beautifully with flowers and decoration. literally couples can give as many as they wish but the rule is it has to be an odd number. example if the groom give 7 pieces of hantaran and the bride will give 9 pieces. bride must always give 2 pieces more than the groom). we did this for my sister #2 wedding. she wanted something english and sweet. so we came up with the concept of 'english sweet romantic' concept for her.

tepak sirih.
the main important thing in the hantaran custom.

basket of fruits.
it symbolizes fertility and good health.(no such thing. i made it up! but it does sound sensible ain't it?)

shoe and handbag.
it symbolizes that women can't say no to it!

bunga rampai (malay version of potpourri)
usually these bunga rampai will be given to close family member usually the ladies like grandma or aunties as a special souvenir to remember the solemnization.

the holy Quran
to symbolize the guidence path in life as a muslim.( of course if you dont read,study, and practice it in your life, it doesn't mean a thing...)

mas kahwin/ dowry
by right this money belongs to the bride. no one can take or force her to use it.
she have the sole right on how she wants to spend/keep it.

and of course the lord of all rings. the wedding ring! i simply love the ring pillow that we did!

the arrays of hantarans.
the peach is from the groom to the bride and the purple are from the bride to the groom(done by my mum)

That's my sis #2 and her husband.

if you may noticed, pictures were taken by preetypeektures.

boy, i had so much fun with my #1 sister during this project. i still remember the night before the wedding day where we stayed up till morning to finish decorating the hantaran in my little room. we giggle all way long like drunken ladies. which is a nature of us siblings. the giggling part and not the drunken part of course!

this project was a stepping stone for me to keep creating and crafting hantaran. passion towards wedding little detailing just grow and bloom in me since then.

till next time... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

take care, nani.


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  2. what a wonderful thing that you are doing for yourself!! hope things turn out the way you hope it would.
    just a thought i'd like to share - true happiness starts by doing the right things the right way. avoid taking short cuts in life coz thay only give you short-lived happiness.
    GOOD LUCK with your lovely life!